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I use Corgee regularly to manage bookings with my students and issue invoices to those based overseas. Not having to do all the tax calculation saves a lot of time.
Liam Martinez
Liam Martinez
Freelance Teacher
Very useful platform, especially when you have a lot of clients. I tried a few other free alternatives, but his one so far is the best. Recommended!
Andri Raine
Andri Raine
Freelance Photographer
Before Corgee I was spending a lot of time on arranging meetings, chasing payments and invoicing. It is a fantastic app that has helped me to save a lot of time.
Maria Dolores
Maria Dolores
Life Coach
Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia

Choose your Corgee experience

Send professional invoices in seconds

Save time by generating invoices in a few clicks. No more hassle with VAT or income tax, they're automatically calculated!
Send professional invoices in seconds
Manage your expenses painlessly

Manage your expenses painlessly

Scan receipts and tickets to track your expenses in one single place. Share them in a few clicks with your accountant. Say #bye to your spreadsheets and shoeboxes.

Track your tax and growth

Get an estimate of your future tax. See a birds-eye-view of your entire cashflow history — including income, profits, expenses, and more.
Track your tax and growth

Why Corgee?

To send an invoice
To scan your expense
Of your admin is automated
Yes, it's free

Manage your freelance  business with confidence

Send Invoices
Send professional invoices in seconds. Corgee helps you to decide the correct tax, VAT, and withholding amount.
Scan Receipts
Upload and manage your receipts and expenses. Digitize your expenses with a photograph and share with your accountant.
Connect your Bank
Easily connect with your bank account to manage your business and personal transactions.
Work with Accountant
Share information with your accountant in a few clicks. Send it via email or let them try Corgee for accountants.
Estimate Tax
See how much you need to save up for tax and VAT. No more surprises at the end of the quarter.
See your income and expense reports. You are always in control of your finances.
Manage your freelance  business with confidence

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