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Corgee is a budgeting app for freelancers like you. Send invoices, view your cashflow and bills. For free.
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Anna Marti
Freelance Graphic Designer
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

I use Corgee regularly to send invoices and calculate my tax. Their newsletter is also very good. Recommended!

Andri Raine
Freelance Photographer
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Very insightful and useful app, especially for invoicing. I tried a few other free alternatives, but his one so far is the best.

Maria Dolores
Product Manager
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It is a fantastic app that has helped me as a freelancer to organize and improve my finances.

Simon Maignan
Freelance Engineer
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Insightful webinars with experts about financial and tax education for freelancers. Co-working sessions and gather-ups helping socializing and networking.

Create, send and track your invoices

Save time on admin work by sending invoices with Corgee. It takes only a few seconds to prepare an invoice from your mobile.

Take control of your income and bills

Corgee helps you to bring all your financial transactions in one place to take control of your cashflow and bills. We support all major banks in Europe and the UK.

Get clarity

Corgee is a community of successful freelancers that helps you to learn best practices for finding new clients, managing your finances and dealing with tax.

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More than an app. Corgee is a financial and social hub for freelancers.


Invoicing in a few clicks

Create, send and track invoices with your own branding in less than 90 seconds

Learn about finances

Receive personalised notifications with easy to use tips to grow your business and track tax deadlines

Bills and cashflow tracker

Know exactly how much is your autonomo fee and when it will increase

AI tax assistant (beta)

See your income tax, VAT and withholding tax estimation in real-time

PSD2 Compliant

EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) directive regulates ensures safe access to your financial information.



All your data is securely encrypted in transit via HTTPS protocol and TSL and at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256 bit.



Corgee complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your data protection and privacy.

Need help with accounting?

€35.99 / month +Β VAT
  • Your personal accountant
  • Unlimited advice via chat platform
  • Quarterly tax reporting
  • Professional advice on international tax
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