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Meet Corgee. A free AI-powered adviser that takes care of your financial stability and supports you when you need it the most.

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What people say about Corgee

"Super easy and effective."

I was one of the first people to check out Corgee. It makes so much easier and fun for me to track my income and keep an eye on my financial security.

Sasha Astiadi
Freelance Product Manager

"Great for reducing the uncertainty"

Not knowing how much you will make from month to month, high or low, is a real challenge of freelancing. Corgee reduces the financial uncertainty.

Robert James
Freelance Web Developer

Who is Corgee?

Corgee is a smart and curious financial droid that came from the future to help those with unpredictable income to gain financial stability and achieve big financial dreams.

Corgee is a financial droid that helps you to:

Set Income Goals and Stay Motivated

With Corgee you will boost your financial growth through smart income goals and analytics. It will also encourage you to achieve new milestones and stay motivated when things are going "slow".

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Put Your Financial Mind at Ease

Corgee works 24/7 to keep an eye on your financial security and will notify you of everything that matters - be it unhealthy financial habits, upcoming "slow" months or risk of overdraft.

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Learn With Corgee

At heart of Corgee is helping people to learn how to make the most of their money. Corgee shares daily financial tips and runs quizzes with rewards from our brand partners.

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Receive Personalised Gig Work Alerts

Tired of constantly hustling to find your next gig? Corgee will send job alerts straight to your phone. Discover and apply for gigs that closely match your profile in a few taps.

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Corgee Perks

Save with Corgee

Being an independent worker can be costly. Earn Corgee Points for improving your financial stability and exchange them for free gifts from our partners.

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Boost Your Score, Apply for 0% Loans and Much More

Corgee is currently learning new features that will enable independent workers to have a fair access to financial products and support. All in one app.

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