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A free app that makes running your business simple

Send invoices, scan receipts, and share data with your accountant. All in one app and always free.

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in Spain

Send invoices, capture expenses, and team up with your bookkeeper to reduce the risk of errors.
For self-employed in Spain, always free.

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Let Corgee take stress out of invoicing and expenses

Send invoices in seconds

Corgee uses your stored information to fill in fields automaticall

Choose the taxes you need from our extensive list and Corgee will do the math

Beautiful invoice design that can be customized with your own logo

Send invoices to clients all over the world with just a few clicks. We make sure the taxes on the invoice are correct, all automatically. You can easily keep track of who has paid in the app: just link Corgee with your bank account.
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Keep your business record up-to-date

Got a box full of receipts and expenses? All it takes is a picture to add them to your admin. Scan the receipt with your phone or upload from your files and the app automatically converts and saves the data for your tax declarations.

Got a box full of receipts and expenses?

Take a photo of your receipt and Corgee will automatically extract the data and save it on a cloud

Export your data in Excel and originals when you need to share it with your accountant or Hacienda

Reduce the risk of errors and penalties

Speed up the communication between you and your accountant. No more manually downloading and collecting invoices and receipts: with Corgee you can select and send which data you want to send in no more than five clicks.

Corgee will automatically calculate correct tax amount when you send an invoice

Keep digitized records of your expenses for potential Hacienda review

Share data with your accountant in one click to make sure no data is lost

Try Corgee for free

Let Corgee take the boring out of invoicing and expenses

Send invoices in seconds

Send invoices to clients all over the world with just a few clicks. Choose to send invoices in English or Spanish and more...

Digitize your expenses in bulk

Got a box full of receipts and expenses? Corgee immediately converts and saves the data

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Share data with your accountant

With Corgee you can share data with your accountant automatically and speed up the communication...

Take full control over your finances

Get a grip on your budget and business growth instantly and more...

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Try Corgee for free
You can also download the mobile version
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The only app that gives you unlimited invoices and expenses, for free

Send invoices

Send professional invoices in seconds. Corgee helps you to decide the correct tax, VAT, and withholding amount.

Keep your business records

Digitize your expenses with a photo and share with your accountant.

See all your transactions in one place

Easily connect with your bank accounts to manage your business and personal transactions.

Reduce risk of errors

Share information with your accountant in a few clicks.

Estimate tax

See how much you need to save up for tax and VAT. No more surprises at the end of the quarter.


See your income and expense reports. You are always in control of your finances.
Manage your freelance  business with confidence

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I got this app from my accountant and use it to issue my invoices. My accountant then get all the information automatically so I don't have to do anything. Keep it up!

Juan Felipe Martinez

Freelance Consultant
Very useful platform, especially when you have a lot of clients. I tried a few other free alternatives, but his one so far is the best. Recommended.

David Rainis

Freelance Photographer
Great platform. Very easy to use and intuitive. Invoice scanning is probably fastest in Spain.

Maria Dolores

Freelance Data Scientist
Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
trustpilot stars
Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia

Freelancing with Corgee Journal

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