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Free personal finance app for freelancers and self-employed. Take control of your finances and get personalised advice on budgeting, taxes, investing, mortgages and much more.

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What people say about Corgee

"Super easy and effective."

I was one of the first people to check out Corgee. It makes so much easier and fun for me to track my income and keep an eye on my financial security.

Sasha Astiadi
Freelance Product Manager

"Great for reducing the uncertainty"

Not knowing how much you will make from month to month, high or low, is a real challenge of freelancing. Corgee reduces the financial uncertainty.

Robert James
Freelance Web Developer

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Wave goodbye to financial headaches 👋

See all your money in one place 😍

Stripe, Paypal, personal bank account, business account, Revolut… there are so many different ways to get paid. Corgee uses the power of open banking to show your total balance, expenses and how much you’ve got left to play with in one place.

Sign me up! 🙌

Budget like a boss 💰

Corgee has an in-built smart budgeting feature that shows you how much money you will have at the end of the month after paying all your expenses. Tax, rent, credit card payments, business expenses... All included.

Start stashing the cash 💰

Put a financial adviser in your pocket 🤓

You probably started working for yourself to be the best at what you do, not spend half your time researching how to do taxes, applying for a mortgage or stop worrying about your finances, right?

That’s why Corgee puts a financial advisor in your pocket. The AI powered app gives you real-time insights into your cash flow, personalised tips, recommendations and analysis, all completely free.

You’re hired, Corgee! 👉

Receive Personalised Gig Work Alerts

Tired of constantly hustling to find your next gig? Corgee will send job alerts straight to your phone. Discover and apply for gigs that closely match your profile in a few taps.

Start stashing the cash 💰

And that’s not all…

Personalised gig alerts 💼

If we see a gig that you’d be perfect for, we’ll send all the deets straight to your app

Bank-level security ✔️

You’ve worked hard to earn the money. We’ll work hard to keep it safe.

Built especially for you 🙌

We’ve been in your shoes, so we make sure every feature does all it can to make your financial journey easier.

Save with Corgee

Being an independent worker can be costly. Earn Corgee Points for improving your financial stability and exchange them for free gifts from our partners.

Start stashing the cash 💰

Wait, there's more to come?

That’s right, the Corgee team is heads down working on new features to help you boost your credit score, apply for loans and more all in the blink of an AI.
Take control of your finances today

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