In the distant future where almost everything is cooler, a group of people is contemplating. "How can our life be less frustrating?" they ask one another.

For the answer that may lie in the past, these individuals should think really fast. Collaborating with each other, their mind stays in the wonder. Lets make a buddy for the humankind, one that is smart, curious, and ultimately, kind.

Thats when they invented this one. A smart droid, ready to help anyone. The name is Corgee, programmed to help gig workers to prosper money wise, he's also ready to give you a fun advise.

Now that he's arrived to the present, he looks below, upward, left and right. He sees a gig worker: "Why is he so uptight?". Excited, he dives down to meet him, that's how the adventure of Corgee began!