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Scale up your accounting services

Corgee enables accountants to take on more clients, while cutting down busywork. Easily collect all client bookkeeping documents in the right format and provide advice on autopilot.
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Take the hassle out
of paperwork

Collect all invoices and receipts from your clients in one single place and process them in seconds, saving hours of work. Take on more clients, and focus on what really matters.
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Your mobile app,
‍‍your brand

Offer the perfect bookkeeping and money management solution to your clients with your own branding. Invoicing, expense management, important date reminders, bank integration... All included!

Answer client inquiries
on autopilot

Accountants get a lot of simple questions coming in on repeat. Corgee mobile app for self-employed comes with an AI-powered assistant which will take care of these questions for you.
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Take on more clients, and focus on what really matters

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