Simplify your accounting tasks and save time

Corgee helps accountancy firms to serve more clients while reducing the workload.
Collect all your client invoices and expenses in real-time without changing your internal software.
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Elevate your accounting business with Corgee

Launch your own mobile app

Easily setup your own mobile application to help your clients send unlimited invoices and scan unlimited expenses.

Access all client documents in real-time

Once your clients send invoices or scan expenses you can easily access them using Corgee Dashboard any time you need them.

Export data into your current software

Corgee integrates with all major accounting tools such as A3 and Sage so that you can import your client data in a few click. No more manual input or unreliable OCR tools.

Streamline your customer support

Let your customer get answers to the most recurring queries instantly from Corgee mobile app. Prioritise only the questions requiring your personal attention.

Collaborate with unlimited team members

Invite your team members to collaborate using Corgee Dashboard. We don't charge for extra seats.

Take the hassle out
of paperwork

Collect all invoices and receipts from your clients in one single place and process them in seconds, saving hours of work. Take on more clients, and focus on what really matters.
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Manage your freelance  business with confidence

Your mobile app,
‍‍your brand

Offer the perfect bookkeeping and money management solution to your clients with your own branding. Invoicing, expense management, important date reminders, bank integration... All included!

Answer client inquiries
on autopilot

Accountants get a lot of simple questions coming in on repeat. Corgee mobile app for self-employed comes with an AI-powered assistant which will take care of these questions for you.
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Take on more clients, and focus on what really matters

Free 7 day trial
Flexible pricing
Modern experience
No permanence
Unlimited invoices and scans

Corgee's tools to empower your business

Automate client data collection and focus on what really matters.

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Collect your customer data in real-time

Company dashboard to collect all your client invoices and receipts in one place, process them in seconds and save hours of work.

Launch your own mobile app, in hours

Offer your clients a mobile app with your own branding to send invoicing, record expenses and see reminders of important dates.

Collaborate with your team, easily

Invite colleagues to collaborate in real-time, improving productivity and saving costs.

Customer support on autopilot

Stop wasting your time and money on answering the same questions, we will do it for you via in-built customer support. Receive only questions that require your team's attention.

Manage your consultancy in a simpler and more automatic way with Corgee

In 1 minute we tell you how simple it is to connect with your customers and colleagues.

Join our community of happy accounting firms

Corgee has helped us grow our customer base, we save a lot of time by not having to be on top of invoices or expenses every accounting close.

Matt Navarro

The time I used to spend answering repetitive questions to my clients is now spent on other things. I love the auto-response feature.

Nora Álvarez

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