Five reasons to sign up for Corgee beta

Here is how Corgee can help you to make the most of freelancing and working for yourself.
March 15, 2021

It is estimated that there are around 2 million Freelancers in the UK, contributing about £125 billion to the British economy. For most of them it is main occupation and a main source of income. Advanced technologies made this type of self-employment remarkably convenient and easy: high speed internet, video calls, management software, file sharing services etc.

But despite of all this technological advancement and other perks of being a freelancer, did you know that 90% of us still feel anxious about our future? The main cause of it is the lack of financial stability and ways to plan our future. You just don't know if you will have any income next month.

That is why…

We built Corgee, an AI - powered financial adviser that takes your financial security and growth to the next level. See how 👇

1. Set and follow your income goals and get encouraged when things are moving slow. Unstable income is one biggest concern for every freelancer we spoke with (and we spoke with a lot). So it is important to have goals and keep an eye on your past and future cashflow - something you can do with Corgee in a few taps.
2. Receive alerts on everything that might concern your financial security.
There is so many things to keep track of. Did you know that if you don't pay your bills on time this might affect your credit score? And then there are also "slow" months and extortionate overdraft fees. Corgee will keep you in a loop on all of that so you can sit and relax.
3.Learn more about finance with daily financial tips.
We wish we knew all the tips and tricks for successful freelancing when we just started. That's why we gathered knowledge from all kinds of freelancing experts to share them with you in small but vert impactful portions. Oh... and also about how investment works, why to build your credit score and where to buy the best ice cream in town.
4. Score your next gig.
It's frustrating when you have "slow" months and no matter what you do there seem to be no more work left in the worlds. But then you still need to pay your rent... Corgee works with our job community partners to share with you gig work opportunities when you need them the most. Just open the app and receive a lead that matches your skills.
5. Have fun.
It's finance this, credit score that... Sounds boring sometimes, huh? Not with Corgee. We gamified the entire financial experience making building your financial stability as fun as playing a game. Receive points for achieving new financial milestones, exchange them for gifts and discounts or share with friends.

Corgee invite-only beta list is now live and to reward our early community we give away free access. Sign up today at

Guest blogger : Victoria Moskevych

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