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November 30, 2022
Best tools for freelancers

Automating Apps every Freelancer should have

Being a freelancer is not easy work. Especially if we’re talking about all the behind-the-scenes work required, like marketing ourselves, generating new leads, paying taxes, growing our portfolio, and dealing with clients … the worst part is that we are supposed to do all of this at once! 

But who says you have to do it alone? We’ve found the perfect solution to ease that weight off your shoulders and that poor keyboard: Automation Apps!

Why should freelancers incorporate automation tools?

As we all know, or should know, our time is valuable! Doing everything one step at a time and manually is a waste of time. There are apps specially designed to help us save time doing tedious tasks and prevent manual errors. 

Freelancing also means building a client portfolio and taking care of your own business. So stop burning yourself out and start using apps like Zapier, IFTT, and Sanebox to help you store and integrate apps into more prominent processes. 

How can freelancers start automating? 

Automation is all about combining different tools to get better results. So I recommend starting your automation journey with integration apps that allow you to connect various tools in one place. For example, you can turn to Zapier and Trello to assign work to other team members or Sanebox to join all of your emails from Outlook and Gmail in one place.

Top five tips to integrate automating into your freelance life: 

  • Make a list of the most repetitive tasks in your workweek. Then, divide this list into categories: such as administrative work, accounting, and social media. 
  • Take baby steps. Prioritize and focus on the automatization of one task first. Then, once you get the hang of it, move on to the next task.  
  • Write down a step-by-step guide if you work with a team, set time aside to create Standard Operating Procedures, a document that lists the exact steps to automate tasks. This will also help you detect inefficiency and issues in your current processes.
  • Choose your automation weapon! Stop investing in programs you don’t understand. Consider privacy/security, vendor track record, and available support options in every automatization app you purchase. Consider free trial tests before jumping in!
  • Don’t lose the human touch! You shouldn’t automate everything! Don’t leave your brain behind when it comes to new ideas and decision-making. Only focus on automating functional repetitive processes.

The best automating apps for Freelancers!

Now! The list you were waiting for! The best apps to automate your work: 

Beep! The freelance automating robot says Hi!

Best Marketing automating apps to climb to the top:

Marketing yourself as a freelancer is crucial but time-consuming. So, how can you ease the pressure of boasting about how great you are? By using marketing automation to raise reach, engagement, and conversions. Something that could lead you to increase profits or boost your reputation online. You can also use these apps to check your progress, measure results, and find the best channels to promote your freelance services. 

Top Social Media apps to automate and brag about your services:

Social media is a big part of our life and an excellent opportunity to find new clients. With the help of automation apps, social media will become a no-brainer! These apps will help us save time creating quality content, reach more customers, schedule content ahead of time, automate messages and updates! Plus you'll be able to stay on top of trends.

Save time with these automating apps and add more value to your newsletters

Even if you don’t want to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, these apps can also help you keep track and contact old, current, and prospective clients. It is a perfect way to subtly remind them about how exceptional your services are and raise conversion rates! Plan out an email strategy based on specific goals and schedule away. 

Automation apps will bring joy to your life! It'll allow you to optimize time, avoid burnout and stop juggling all tasks at once. Now you can use that time and energy to improve new skills, rest, have a social life, or reach out to more clients. So, stop juggling and start automatizing! 

One last thing!

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