Spotlight - Bernat Bermudo

I’m a chef and I own Mano Rota Restaurant
July 9, 2021

A short description of you

I’m Bernat Bermudo and i’m 40 years young. I was born in Barcelona, in Zona Franca. I’m a chef and I own Mano Rota Restaurant, located in Barcelona. My passion is travelling and getting inspired by other environments and learning new cuisine and cultures. I am also very bad at interviews. But overall I'm a very simple guy.

Your professional background

I started at the age of 17 in London, washing dishes and peeling potatoes. When I came back to Barcelona, I graduated from Hofmann (2001). Then I worked for 5 years in Michelin Star Restaurants around Spain. After that I went to Perú, and studied their gastronomic culture as well as runned a very well known restaurant in South America called Lima 27.

When I came back to Barcelona, I felt I was ready to run my own business, which is my loved Mano Rota (2016- till now).

When & the reason you started your career/freelancing
I started my career in 1997. I have always been attracted by food and kitchens. It is something very creative and with no rutine (more or less), and in the first kitchen I worked (London) I realised that was my thing.

Your proudest moment in your career

It could have been when Mano Rota became well known in my own city. In 2016 Mano Rota was given the name of the best restaurant in Barcelona by La Vanguardia. From the very beginning it had had a very good response, and I felt very proud of that.

Your most challenging project

Mano Rota. Sadly but thankfully it is my only big project till now.

Your dream project would be

Casa Chito. It is a project by the hand of my wife Taila. We hope it will be finished and ready to rumble in less than 2 years. We have started it already, but still has a long way to go. It’s basically making a restaurant/hotel in the coast of Tarragona, and will also be our future home.

Your motto in life
El tiempo pone a cada uno en su lugar’. That is something I keep repeating to myself. I don’t know if it can be translated to english, but for me it means that if you’re doing good and have perseverance and patience, you will get to the place you want to be. You just have to wait for it.

What do you do on your free time

I love to skate and go to the beach in the summer, but what I love mostly is spend time with my dogs and family.

Reading and playing the guitar is what I also love to do, but I can’t always do because running a restaurant takes most of my time.

You are inspired by

I actually don't know who I'm inspired by as a chef, I'm very eclectic. But what I know is that I need free time to nourish myself and find that balance to feel good and give my best to the restaurant.

In day to day life, (its not really an inspiration) if there's someone I admire is Pepe Mújica (President of Uruguay 2010-2015) for being true to its principles.

What do you wish you knew more about when you first decided to start as a freelancers/self-employed

From day 1 you have to give the 100% and do the best you can, and do it very confident of yourself. I feel that if I had done that very seriously, I wouldnt be working so hard now. Take note, people!!!!

Any insight that you would like to share for fellow freelancers/self employed

Being persistent and confident of yourself is my biggest tip to whoever wants to start a business.

Your tips & tricks in managing your finance

Having a good finance manager that you can trust. But what I think everyone should do is to be very organized and appreciate every penny.

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