Spotlight: Lydia Lockspeiser

Owner of Magpie Vintage in Barcelona
March 15, 2021

Your professional background

I am a shop owner of the vintage clothing store, Magpie Vintage in Barcelona. It is a family business that is ran with my sister. Originally the business started in London 2010 and has gradually grown over time, we have two shops in London and now our Barcelona branch since 2018.

When & the reason you started your career/freelancing

Working for myself has always been something that has felt natural and right for me to do. My dad always worked for himself from a very young age so I guess maybe that has something to do with it. It gives me a sense of achievement and makes me feel satisfied. With the actual business itself, I have always been into vintage clothing from a young age and fully believe in the sustainable aspect that comes with it. At Magpie we really believe in recycling all the amazing clothes that already exist in this world and helping prevent fast fashion.

Your proudest moment in your career

Probably, the moment we opened the shop. We had put in blood, sweat and tears to get this shop ready for our opening day. When we opened it the whole plaza clapped, it was such a sweet moment and we really felt welcomed into the community.

Your most challenging project

Definitely, since Covid hit it has been a challenging time for us. We have had to adapt and completely change our business and move everything online. Neither my sister or I have any experience in e-commerce or photography so we have been learning all of this from scratch. It’s a gradual process but now we have 2 websites up and running, one for London and the other for Barcelona.

Your dream project would be

I love everything creative, so some kind of space where people can express themselves through art, music, dance etc would be the ideal dream.

Your motto in life

Have a laugh

What do you do on your free time

A friend and I have a music blog called Boiling Point Radio so whenever I have free time for this I make mixes and search for music. I also collect vinyl so going record shopping as well is something I love to do in my free time.

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Your tips & tricks in managing your finance

Be on top of it and stay organized

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