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July 14, 2022

Spotlight - Alex Crockford

We at Corgee had the honor of interviewing Alex Crockford, a well-known fitness enthusiast across Youtube and the founder of #CrockFit. An app that helps people across the world transform their bodies through either home or gym programs.

A short description of you

My full name is Alexander Robert Crockford. I am 30 years old, born 15 June 1990. I am a fitness model, personal trainer, creator of the CrockFit app. I went to University, Southampton Solent, and studied fitness and personal training.

Your professional background

I started as a personal trainer back in 2011 when I finished by degree. I progressed up the chain in a corporate gym to become a full booked PT and started to progress my journey into the fitness modelling world and social media, and created my brand and business called CrockFit.

When & the reason you started your career/freelancing

I have always had an interest in sports and fitness and that progressed into my enjoyment and passion in helping other people achieve the results I was getting in the gym and with my fitness. Even as a personal trainer I realised that I wanted to help lots and lots of people, which motivated me to build my social media presence and online brand.

Your proudest moment in your career

I have a few moments in my career that really stand out. When I launched the CrockFit app this was a big moment for me because for years I had been in a pdf market and to then progress to a tech app industry was a big moment. Also, when I achieved my first fitness modelling job, this was huge moment for me as well as being on my first magazine cover, and doing 24 hours of burpees for charity.

Your most challenging project

As a whole it is definitely my app and app development. Being a personal trainer at heart my expertise lies in fitness and training and going into the app industry was a big shock into the tech and software world and that’s not where my strengths lie, so I sometimes find this really challenging and frustrating.

Your dream project would be

Something with big stage, something like taking CrockFit onto tv, taking a big transformation program on tv where I bring the CrockFit app to life with ten clients, for example, and take them through and body and life transformation – something like that.

Your motto in life
“There is no success without sweat.” This is because I love how these ties into the fitness sense of the motto – obviously, you’ve got to work hard to see results - but also I believe it to be true in life as a whole. You’ve got to work hard for the results.

What do you do in your free time?

I work hard so there’s not much free time, but I do make sure that there’s is some balance in my life, and I fill that free time with walking, being outside with nature, spending time with my wife Sarah. I love watching films and spending time with my family when we’re allowed.

You are inspired by

Most definitely by parents. I believe that they gave me an incredible upbringing and taught me great life values, and I love how even through the toughest of times and challenges, they continue to push through.  

Your tips & tricks in managing your finance
Well, this is not my strong point and that’s why I have amazing help from my wife Sarah who does a lot of this for me. But from my humble bits of advice, I would say it’s really best to plan and strategize and know what’s coming in and know what’s going out from different areas. In regard to business, I believe you should have multiple avenues of income and I’ve made sure that I have done that through the different aspects of the CrockFit business.

We want to thank Alex for taking the time and letting us get to know him better and wish him the best with #Crockfit. For more information about Alex and what he can offer you we added his channels below.

Twitter - Alex Crockford

Instagram - Alex Crockford

Youtube - AlexCrockfit

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