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November 2, 2022

Spotlight - Desmond Lim

A short description of you

I am a furniture and homeware designer based in London. My work explores materiality through design objects and it usually involves a combination of woodworking and mold castings.  

Your professional background

My background is in product design and furniture. I have worked professionally designing homewares as well as making prototypes and models for start-ups. Apart from my studio, I am also a part time technician at Istituto Marangoni in London.

When & the reason you started your career/freelancing

I started my studio because I wanted to explore my own approach to furniture and homewares. I have a strong connection to objects and I wanted to create furniture that would also have a lasting emotional connection with their users. I think materials play a big part in this and I often approach my work using interesting materials and processes as a way to create value.

Your proudest moment in your career
I would say it was the simple moment of completing my first job with my first client.

Your most challenging project

I find most of my projects to be quite challenging but it is also why I enjoy it so much. So far the most challenging has to be my latest collection, the 'Imbang collection', which is a jewelry stand range. It has been my introduction to selling online and I have had to learn a lot about ecommerce and managing an online store.

Your dream project would be

I would love to be able work on a house, both architecturally and with the interiors. It would be great to apply what I have explored in my furniture on an architectural scale.

Your motto in life

When you do something, make it last!

What do you do in your free time

There isn't much free time to be honest! But I do enjoy a bit of TV, cooking and baking bread.

You are inspired by

I find myself inspired by things that are not meant to be sculptures but have a sculptural presence. These are things like street furniture or industrial machines that have been put together based on their function and without much focus on their aesthetics. They usually result in quite uncanny and interesting forms that I draw inspiration from.

Your tips & tricks in managing your finance

- Having a separate business account with updates and easy access from your phone is really helpful to keep track and take your business finances more seriously.  
- Selling things you don't use is a great way to recover some cash and also more importantly, reduce waste in the world.
- Speak to people about it. When it comes to finances and taxes, many freelancers are having the same issues and might have solutions or know someone that could help.  
- It's good to have many sources of income, Having days to do other part time work can source for a stable income and also helps me refocus when back working in the studio.

Connect with Desmond Lim


Instagram: :@dlimstudio

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