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November 2, 2022

Spotlight: Samantha Didymus

A short description of you

My name is Sammy and I’m the owner of athome. I design and deliver handcrafted experiences boxes for people to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Your professional background

My background is in Event Coordination, over the years I’ve worked with some of the best venues in London to deliver some really memorable events!

When & the reason you started your career/freelancing

I started my business in September 2020 – I actually had the idea for my business earlier that year in January! Given the circumstances (with COVID and people spending so much time at home) it was a no brainer! There was an appetite for people to still come together in their homes and DO something, I put out a few feelers to friends at the time who loved it and I had my first sale one week later!

Your proudest moment in your career

My proudest moment was hitting 100 sales at the end of November. By this time my business was only up and running for 2 months – I set myself a goal to average about 3 sales a week so by these numbers I SHOULD have been on about 25 sales. I couldn’t believe that I hit this landmark number when my business was still so young, so you can’t even believe my reaction when I hit 200 sales just 3 weeks later!

Your most challenging project

My most challenging project was balancing my business, my day job and my personal life! I’m guilty of having a slightly addictive personality so almost all my free time was spent on researching new product ideas or marketing my business – I definitely recognise now that I neglected so many of the things I usually love to do (really simple things like going for a run, cooking or reading a book) so my New Year’s Intention was to keep one small promise to myself every day and do something I love.

Your dream project would be

Evolving my business so I can work with people to curate bespoke events for their special occasions, such as baby showers, hen do’s or birthdays.

Your motto in life

Let Love Lead

What do you do on your free time
Well in an ordinary world, I love checking out new places, restaurants and cool spots around London. My boyfriend loves walking so we’d always stumble across really unique and hidden places when we’d only stepped outside for a coffee! I’m definitely someone who enjoys the simple things in life so now I love nothing more than to get outside for a walk and listen to an audio book.

You are inspired by

I’m inspired by seeing other women like myself start and grow their businesses – we’re at a really place where a one-person band can be the CEO, Marketer, Photographer, Designer and Customer Service team of their business just by the knowledge and resources available on YouTube! I have a lot of females in my network who are running the show of a successful business!

Your tips & tricks in managing your finance

My number one tip is to setup a separate account or “pots” for my Finances – Personal and Business. This isn’t anything groundbreaking but it’s been great to see a really clean and concise overview of exactly what money is coming in and out of my account.

Connect with Samantha Didymus



Instagram: events.athome / sammydidymus

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