The Power of Open Banking

Corgee complies with the strict rules of Open Banking and operates under the license of Salt Edge and its partners compliant with PCI DSS, which represents a guarantee of high-security requirements and standards. Our mission is to bring financial power back to independent workers while maintaining the highest security and privacy protection standards.

What is Open Banking?

In 2015, the European Parliament adopted a revised Payment Services Directive called PSD2. It promotes secure and innovative uses of payment information through the concept called Open Banking.

Open Banking is a banking practice and a secure way for third-party financial service providers to access user data held by financial institutions like banks. The read-only access is given to companies like Corgee which then uses this information to build inclusive, secure, and innovative solutions.

How does it work?

When you link your account through Open Banking, Corgee receives read-only access to view your linked account balance and transactions. Relying on this data Corgee provides you with such features as All Accounts In One Place, Tax Estimation and Automated Budgeting.

Corgee and our technology providers use bank-level security. We don't use any of your personally identifiable information for carrying out the app operations stated in the point above. However, legally we are obligated to process your data to prevent fraud and improve security.

You have full control of what data you share. Your bank would ask for your consent before sharing any information with third parties like Corgee. Also, you can remove permissions to share data with Corgee at any time by emailing us at You are never asked to share passwords or login details with anyone other than your own bank.

For more information on privacy read here